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A transmission in an automobile may be defined as a device that provides various required gear ratios between the engine and the drive wheels. They are also responsible for the provision of neutral and reverse shifts of the vehicle. The internal combustion engines that are normally used in the automobiles produce low torque at low paces. The maximum torque is achieved only at a single speed, in which the crankshaft in the engine should rotate in the same direction. So in order to meet the demand of power for the vehicle, it is the duty of the transmission or a gearbox to convert the engine torque and speed to improve torque and speed output in a particular direction.

This major task of the transmission used in moving a vehicle from the still position to maximum speed is that which helps even smaller engines to offer considerable performance and fuel efficiency to the vehicle. The transmission makes use of the principle of mechanical advantage. The transmissions are sometimes kept as separate units such as in rear drive vehicles or it may be combined with the axle such as in the front drive vehicles.

In the early days, these transmissions were used in the processes such pumping, hoisting and milling. Such transmissions were also utilized in the gearing and driving of the windmills, horse driven devices and steam engines.

Nowadays, the gearboxes are mostly used to improve the torque of the engine and reduce the speed of the motor drive shaft. This in turn will make the output shaft of the gearbox to run slower than the input shaft. This decrease in the speed results in the mechanical advantage which raises the torque levels. Most of the transmissions allow the drivers to select between the many different gear ratios. These gear ratios are now simply called as gears.

The invention and the usage of the transmission in the automobiles are considered as a result of the development of internal combustion engine in vehicles. These engines have the operation speed of up to 7000 revolutions per minute. But the wheels of the automobile rotate at very slower rate compared to the engine. Another important thing is that the engine produces the highest torque levels only after it is operated for certain time. But as far as the vehicle movement is concerned, high torque levels are necessary to move the vehicle immediately after starting it. In order to bridge these gaps between the requirement of vehicle and the engine torque speeds, the transmissions are used in any automobile.

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The used transmissions are also expansively marketed in the automobile industry mainly for the replacements in the vehicles. The market for the used auto transmissions is big and it supplies the requirements for quite a lot of people.You can get all your needs relating the transmissions for your vehicle at Reviews. Here all the used transmissions including used Isuzu transmission and Mitsubishi used transmission NY are available.
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